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Sharing resources, expertise & articles to help inform, educate, support other travel nurses based on my experiences working with some of the highest caliber nurses in every specialty nationwide.
Several travel nurses I’ve had the pleasure of working have advanced in their career into management, director roles or nurse practitioners. I have assisted first time & seasoned travel nurses secure some of the highest paying contracts for EMR Conversions, Rapid Responses, Flight Nursing & First Responders at several top nationally ranked hospitals, magnet, teaching & trauma facilities.

Hopefully my blog sites provides to helpful and resourceful you’ll come to utilize for an added outlet to ask a general questions, assistance with unique scenarios you have found yourself in. My goal is to keep my opinion unbiased and neutral to all questions and/or inquiries. Please provide feedback and comments on how I can better utilize my new blog side.

Understand the pros & cons of the crazy life in travel nursing. Travel Nursing serves many purposes & serves to be a rewarding profession. This is a niche market enabling nurses to become empowered, more knowledgeable in their expertise, well traveled and the ability to dictate where they work and when, what they seek to gain from their experience whether it be more money, diversified experience or traveling to a list of states they’ve always wanted to visit while making new friends along the way.


This is a niche market, so finding reliable content and information is not always easy. It’s often times when I speak to new travel nurse confused by all of the information online without any idea where to start, I realize how important it is to contribute the knowledge and resources I’ve acquired through my years in recruiting & staffing travel nurses.

With the popularity of this niche market, I have seen an increasing amount of misinformation leading to misguided nurses believing untrue & unethical practices. Several new start up companies hoping to cash in on this market or agencies on their way out and not concerned with the mess they leave behind.

Hopefully my blog site prooves to be an added helpful resource you’ll come to utilize as an outlet to ask a general questions, keep up with my latest blog postings and reach out directly if you ever need help finding a travel nurse assignment.

My goal is to keep my opinion unbiased and neutral to all questions and/or inquiries. Please provide feedback and comments on how I can better utilize my blog site!

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2 thoughts on “About Blog

  1. Andrew Craig says:

    Hi there!

    I wanted to let you know that I’ve included your blog on the resources page with a link back to it. I think travel nurses would enjoy reading your work.

    You can see the resources page here: https://travelertalk.org/travel-nursing-resources/

    Remember, it’s still under construction though as I’m working on it right now. It may not look quite as complete quite yet.

    Also, I will be including a brief description of each resource on there. I’ve quoted you for your description but if you would like to alter what I’ve written or write your own custom description of your blog with more details about your travel nursing journey, I’m open to that as well. Let me know here or e-mail me at AndrewCraigRN@yahoo.com.

    Hope all is well 🙂


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